Al Blackstone

Freddie Falls in Love

A Broadway-style dance play, Freddie Falls in Love joyfully brings audiences along on a young man’s journey of self-discovery told solely through movement. Emmy-nominated choreographer, Al Blackstone—known for his charming and infectious dances for So You Think You Can Dance—expertly utilizes some of New York’s finest dancer/actors to bring this full-length story to life with style, energy, and a ton of heart.

Dance as long-form narrative storytelling tends to be the domain of ballet and Broadway, but Blackstone brings it to the contemporary dance stage in his Joyce debut, ‘Freddie Falls in Love.’ Blackstone, known for his choreography in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ infuses his work with humor, theatrical flair and sharp technique - a combo that has earned him many fans. Here, his wordless tale about two people losing and finding love proves an entertaining journey, thanks to his brisk staging and charming performances by the Broadway alumni Melanie Moore and Matt Doyle, as well as a stellar ensemble.
— The New York Times

Blackstone’s choreography is specific and story-driven — like a memory play that hasn’t been corroded by the banality of words.
— Theater Mania