Al Blackstone



10 Hairy Legs World Premiere
Choreography by Al Blackstone | Photos by Rachel Neville | Costumes by Mary Kokie NcNaugher | Lighting by Jason Flamos
Featuring Robert Mark Burke, Alex Biegelson, Alex Davis Clayton, Jared McAboy, and Alexander Olivieri

‘...The piece is very personal to me. It explores friendship and what it’s like to be a boy in high school, and what it feels like when another person takes the time to make you feel included.’ Besides his personal experience, favorite films such as The Breakfast Club and The Sandlot also inspired Blackstone. And it goes without saying that Blackstone’s quintessential charm and clever comedy are alive and kicking — interspersed, then, with touching moments that are grounded and sincere. ‘Wit is a tool,’ explains Blackstone. ‘You have to connect with and earn an audience’s trust if you want them to engage with your story.’
— by Mary Callahan for Dance Informa